Homemade Camping Equipment – Easy DIY Hacks From Home

There are some awesome gadgets and downright cool camping equipment out there that we would all LOVE to have. But a lot of it can be very pricey. Today I’m going to cover some Homemade Camping Equipment, that is easy to use, and is made from stuff you most likely have sitting around the garage. These are some easy DIY projects that will help any camper.

  • Water Jugs
  • DIY Fire Starters
  • Kitchen Hacks
  • DIY Lanterns

Water Jugs And Their Multiple Uses

Old water or milk jugs can be a great hack for many things. One of the best ones, is filling them with water, freezing them, and putting them in your cooler. Even an inexpensive cooler will keep a few gallons of ice frozen for a long time. Not only are you not spending money on more ice and the plastic bags they come in, but you are also reusing those empty water or milk jugs instead of throwing them away. WIN-WIN!

Another use for water jugs is to strap a head lamp around them and you have a bright lantern to keep the whole campsite lit up into the night. I’ll talk more about lanterns later on.

DIY Camping Lantern Ideas

DIY Fire Starters That Cost You Little To Nothing.

Have you ever gone through a box of matches trying to get your fire going? With these hacks, you’ll use just one match and these will burn hot and longer to start your fire. The best thing is, you probably already have an old toilet paper roll, and dryer lint hanging around. Just stuff the paper roll with the dryer lint, wrap it in newspaper, tuck it in the ends, and it will start almost any type of wood you can find. Obviously you don’t want to set it under an 8″ round log and expect it to catch fire, you still need start small and work your way up to the bigger pieces of wood.

DIY Camping Fire Starter

Another great fire starter hack is to take an egg carton and place 12 pieces of charcoal in each of the egg spots, and it will burn long enough to get a fire going.

Egg Carton Camping Fire Starter

One good thing to help with the matches to light the fire starters is keep your matches in a small mason jar, attach a piece of black sandpaper to the top of the lid and now you have a dry spot for matches and a place to strike them on.

Mason Jar Matchbox Holder For Camping

Kitchen Hacks To Save Space And Time

One thing my wife and I use a lot when we cook is spices. We don’t want to empty our entire spice rack to bring camping with us, because the containers are too big and not all the same size. A great hack that I have found is using old tic tac boxes to put spices in. They are tiny but hold enough for most weekend or week-long trips. And you can keep them right in the camper and not have to worry about remembering them the next trip.

Tictac Spice Boxes For Camping

Do you love to have pancakes while you’re camping, but hate to bring all the stuff to make it? Mix all of your dry ingredients into a mason jar, then all you have to do is add the egg and water, shake, and pour into the pan.

Easy Camping Mix For Camping

This isn’t really a “kitchen hack” per se, because you will be cooking these around the fire, but they are great for kids. I present to you, the “ice cream cone s’more”. Take an ice cream sugar cone, put mini marshmallows in the bottom, then layer your favorite chocolate chip (or I prefer peanut butter chips), another layer of marshmallow and wrap with tin foil. Then throw on the fire for a few minutes and bam, a hand held s’more!

Easy Campfire Smores

If you are tenting, or just want to have a separate hand washing station outside, this is a great way to keep it compact and accessible. Take your jug that you are going to hold the water in, put the soap next to it, and bungee the paper towel dispenser to the top of it. All-in-one compact hand washing station.

Camping Hand Washing Station

DIY Lanterns – Light Up Your Campsite

As I mentioned previously, a full water jug with a headlamp, makes a great campsite lantern. Another great option is a tea light in a mason jar, hung from a branch or the awning of your camper.

Tea Light Lantern For Camping

A glow stick in a smaller water bottle makes for a great hand held lantern or light, for walking around the campground, or for a moonlight hike through the woods.

Glow stick Lantern Hack

Homemade Camping Equipment That Won’t Break The Bank

We should all be able to enjoy the outdoors, whether we are traveling in a massive RV motor home, or if we are taking our SUV out to a dirt road and hiking into the woods to find the perfect spot to pitch a tent for the night. These awesome ideas will cost significantly less because most likely you already have these items in your home.

If you have any of your own hacks that you’d like to share, please leave them down below!



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  1. These are some great ideas. I always loved the water bottle headlamp trick. If you have a water bottle with a handle you could also hang it up somewhere as well.

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