Camper Storage Solutions – Maximize Your Space

One of the biggest deciding factors on what to bring with you while you’re camping is, what do you have room for? The reason most of us go camping is to relax and unwind from all the thing’s life throws at us on a daily basis. If you let clutter take over your camper, the peacefulness that camping offers can be overcome with stress. Here are some camper storage solutions that will let you maximize your space.

Store Extra Toilet Paper In A Magazine Rack

You always want to make sure you have enough TP on your camping trip, but don’t know where to put it? Get a magazine rack (make sure it’s wide enough) and store those extra rolls in there.

You can also use a magazine rack to store tin foil, plastic wrap, etc.

Closets Can Be A Huge Waste Of Space

It always seems that manufacturers find a spot that they can’t put anything in, and they frame it for a closet. They can often times end up being a big waste of space. Put some wire cubes in your closet to make use of every inch of the closet.

Curtain Rod Trash bag Holder

Do you ever go to get a trash bag off the roll, it slips out of your hand and rolls across the camper? Put a dowel through the middle and hang them on curtain rod holders.


Command Hooks Everywhere!

Command Hooks
Command Hooks

Command hooks can be used for a number of different thing’s, from hanging spatulas and serving utensils, or hanging bath towels and beach towels. Hang your cleaning supplies on them, or even use the tape that comes with them, to hang stuff on the wall. The options really are endless!

Command Hook Idea

Command Hooks Cabinet

Maximize Your Space

Maximizing your space with these camper storage solutions will let your mind relax and not worry about the clutter that can sometimes take over small spaces.

Do you have any organization hacks that you’d like to share? Leave them below in the comments!






8 Comments on “Camper Storage Solutions – Maximize Your Space”

  1. Hey, forget camping, I can use the ideas in my home also. What creative and inexpensive ways to save space and make the space functional. I would have never thought of some of these ideas without reading this post.

    The garbage bag and toilet paper ideas are great and very creative.

    Great website in general and attractive for easy reading.

    I will forward this link to this website to my grandsons cub scout leaders. Camping is a big activity with this pack.

  2. Wow, these are some really good tricks you have here. I definitely agree that when I go camping I don’t like the stress of the loading up. Especially with little ones. I think by using some of your ideas here will make life a lot more simple and more enjoyable knowing we don’t have to just CRAM stuff in wherever we can. These ideas just might even make the packing up to go quicker which means being able to go camping sooner. I Love It.
    Thank you

    1. I’m so happy you found information you like! I have a little one right now (3) and another little one on the way (due in May) so I completely understand the “CRAM stuff in wherever we can” situation.

      As far as the “packing up to go” aspect of camping, check out some of my checklists that I have posted here and here.

  3. I always hated the clutter of camping. We would use boxes and backpacks to hold our stuff. I hated digging around looking for what I needed.

    We once bought an extra tent with while camping and used it as a storage closet. Did it help? Not really, just did more work for us setting up on arrival and packing upon departure.

    I took our paper towel holder and use it to hold three rolls of toilet paper. My wife love’s it. Because it keeps the tp from falling in the toilet.

    I like how you reclaimed the space in the closets. Using the create looks like everything is easy to get too when you need it. I’m going to borrow that idea from you. Thank for posting. God bless you and have a great day.

    1. Hi LeNard! I literally laughed out loud when I read the second tent part, because I could definitely see myself trying that approach and then getting PO’d when I realized it just created more work. The three rolls of toilet paper on the paper towel holder is genius! My wife uses command hooks for *almost* everything. They’re great and the fact that you can get them in different colors helps to spruce things up a bit.

      Thanks for comment!

  4. Hello fellow camper!
    We use command hooks, but not enough. I never dreamed of the foil and plastic wrap. (And I’m a dreamer and DIYer.)
    And we are always fumbling through the deep drawer with the utensils. Why we haven’t hung them inside the cabinet is beyond me.
    Great ideas. Thank you.

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